The development of the national climate network of Uzbekistan discussed in CAREC

Publication date: 13 February 2024

The first training on the development of the National Climate Network of Uzbekistan took place in the office of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

Reportedly, the Climate Network (CN) of Uzbekistan is an informal voluntary association of representatives of non-governmental non-commercial organizations and civil society institutions established to exchange information and discuss environmental and climate policies and the development of public climate action. 

Uzbekistan Climate Network joins representatives of NGOs and other civil society organizations, academics and specialists. 

The mission of the CN is to bring together representatives of civil society in Uzbekistan to promote the sustainable development of the region in the context of climate change.

During the training, the participants discussed such an initiative of the CN of Uzbekistan as establishing a platform for cooperation on climate change issues between public organizations, civil activists and the state and economic administration.

They also talked about:

- Development of cooperation between non-governmental non-commercial organizations and other civil society organizations for a more effective exchange of environmental and climate information in Uzbekistan, and improvement of knowledge exchange on adaptation, meetings and climate finance at the national level as well as international, regional and national climate policies;

- Increased participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations and other civil society organizations in global, regional and national dialogues on the post-Paris climate process;

- Promotion of civil society interests, participation of Network representatives in the development of regional and national policies and programmes, and participation in regional and international meetings and conferences. 

The training was conducted by experts from the Climate Network of Central Asia with the support of CAREC. Representatives of non-governmental non-commercial organizations of Uzbekistan, the Central Asian Climate Network and the Climate Network of Uzbekistan participated in the training.

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