Regional Amu Darya River Day: celebration for the whole Central Asia

Publication date: 27 September 2023

KHIVA, UZBEKISTAN – Today, the USAID Regional Water and Vulnerable Environment Activity held a regional celebration of the Amu Darya River Day, which was the final in a series of River Day events.

Representatives of five Central Asian countries were given the opportunity to participate in discussions, a quiz game, excursions and a master class on cooking pilaf. In addition, an exhibition of drawings, essays, photos and videos of the winners of competitions dedicated to the Amu Darya River Day at the national level was organized as part of the celebration. These works have become evidence of the role of the younger generation in ensuring a healthy water future for Central Asia and the whole world.

The Rivers Days in Central Asia are an opportunity to draw special attention to the need and importance of cooperation in the region to improve water resources management. Since rivers play a key role in the lives of Central Asians, these events are an important reminder of the importance of water resources for life and the need to preserve and protect them.

Additional information: Ludmila KiktenkoEnvironmental Management Programme’s Manager, CAREC,  

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