The Aspara River hosts the Basin Councils meeting

Publication date: 06 April 2018
The Aspara River hosts the Basin Councils meeting

CHALDOVAR (Kyrgyzstan). The Small Basin Councils of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan parts of the Aspara River met on March 30 in frames of CAREC-USAID Smart Waters project. Permanent members of the SBC discussed the work done in 2017, efficiency of automated water measuring equipment and approved the vegetation plan for the current year. 

From Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan representatives of district and rural administrations, the district water management department; forestry, sanitary and epidemiological stations, Ministry of Emergency Situations, local deputies, private businesspeople and journalists attended the meeting.

The Representative of Kyrgyz Hydrometeorology Agency, Ms Tatyana Solovyova, informed participants about the forecast of the Aspara River’s water availability and water inflow to reservoirs during the vegetation season of the year. She pointed out that in comparison with the same period of the previous year accumulation of precipitation are significantly decreased, from 30 to 79%.

The representative of “Kazhgydromet” Mr Nurlan Mukhametzhanov stressed that the hydrological forecast was compiled from the observations and measurements of the moisture reserves. He announced a probable range of the expected indicators, normative values due to March 1, 2018, and underlined that 95% of the flows of Shu Rivers (6.6 km3) are formed on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. 

CAREC specialist – Ms Zhanna Babagalieva – presented the "Climate change risks in agriculture of the Aspara River". Research identifies changes in the hydrological parameters as well as potential shifts of the vegetation period. According to the forecasts, increasing of the Aspara River flow in the spring months (from April to May) and decreasing of it from the summer to the early autumn months (from July to October) are expected. Besides this, the highest indicators will be observed in the long-term period - added Ms Zhanna Babagaliyeva. 

Local experts Omurbek Elamanov and Nurtaz Kudaibergenuly – reported, that revision of Basin Plans of Aspara River from both countries is currently continued and requires editing in long, middle and short-term perspective. 

Heads of the rural districts and regional water management department discussed events and plans for the 2018 year, raised questions about drip irrigation and possible training. Extreme weather conditions caused the damage of automated equipment on Kazakhstan part. Though, SBC decided to organize a commission to assess the status of equipment and draft an action plan. It was agreed to conduct next meeting of the Aspara River’s Small basin Councils will be held in the October of 2018.  

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