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General information

Public health is an important factor of socio-economic development of each country and its’ society. It is determined not only by the absence of disease, but also by the ability to adapt quickly to constantly changing conditions of life, environmental changes and to emerging climate and ecological conditions. As of today, Central Asian region has faced many environmental challenges that have a serious impact on the economy, public health and security issues of the population in these countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a quarter of all diseases in our region are due to environmental hazards. A significant barrier that negatively affects sustainable development of all Central Asian countries have become environmental issues related to the access and quality of drinking water, air pollution and extreme weather conditions due to climate change.

The goal of the program

The main goal of the "Health and Environment" program is to identify the correlation between human health and environmental factors in the Central Asian region as well as to assist in reducing the burden of environmental hazards on the Central Asian population health.

CAREC’s strategic priority within new program is to avoid and to decrease the burden of diseases, injuries and deaths caused by environmental factors by identifying the relevant correlation through primary prevention and influencing to adopt correct strategic and agreed measures in all sectors. In particular, program will operate using the following approaches:

·                    Research and analytical activity: assistance in establishing empirical links between human-induced environmental impact and dynamics of specific diseases among the population;

·                    Information activity: raising awareness among the population and among all interested parties about the scale and depth of ecological health issues caused by the negative impact on the environment, as well as information on preventative measures both at the national and regional levels (prevention);

·                    Establishment of cross-sectorial dialogue: promoting the establishment of close cooperation and dialogue between all stakeholders (nature protection bodies, healthcare, industrial sector and other stakeholders) to address problems which are at the junction of their interests.

Considering the experience, knowledge and number of successful projects done by CAREC, the main areas of the "Health and Environment" program will include projects aimed to prevent and decrease the quantity of the diseases related to:

·                    water, sanitation and hygiene

·                    climate change

·                    air pollution

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Irina Bekmirzaeva



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